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It moved from Sagittarius to Capricorn.

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So again, depending on your time and location of birth, the Sun may have still been in Sagittarius. Also, if you can find out if you were born in the first half of the day, or later at night, that can help narrow down Sun and Moon since you happen to be born on a somewhat rare day in which both the moon and sun changed signs.

Well they take western astrology to calculate your moon sign. But you can read more description about moon in virgo, virgo moon is different from Virgo sun in many ways. Moon sign and sun sign show trait of a particular zodia in different ways. Yes, You were born in Feb or March so your zodiac sign or sun sign is Pisces. However when your moon sign is calculated on the basis of your birth time and birth place as well along with date, your moon sign comes out to be Scorpio. There are diff types of pisces, some are more extrovert, some introvert, moon signs and other planets mercury, venus signs show what type of pisces you are, they are basically define your more specific traits.

Do I just found out I am a moon virgo and a sun virgo!! Can somebody kinda help find out anything about doubles signs. I feel so different lol. I am so confused it says my moon sign is a virgo but I am a Cancer born July 7 81 and 8 24 am… How do I understand this? How accurate are these? Not to be rude or anything.

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My sun sign is a Sagittarius but my moon sign is an Aries. I got my moon sign as a Pisces from another website and now idk which one I actually am. Also, did the other website take your time of birth? Because the exact time of birth is important in your case, in case the Moon moved from Pisces to Aries on the day you were born. Your exact birth time makes the difference. And I thought, well it would be ironic if I was nothing like virgo even tho it seems like I am one, but not to my surprise, I am.

I love it.

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Describes me perfectly. Personality traits are described more by the Rising sign and Sun sign, not the Moon sign.

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An interesting thing about the Moon sign, especially in Western countries like USA, is that we usually feel that we are not at all like our Moon sign when we first learn about it. Our culture forces us to focus more on our Sun sign qualities such as ambition and results. But if we spend some time thinking about our deepest needs, things we long for deep inside, the basic fundamental things that we absolutely cannot live without, we may find that our moon sign makes more sense.

For example, a person with Moon in Virgo may absolutely need cleanliness and order deep down even if on the outside they appear messy. For a Capricorn moon, it may be that you deeply need a sense of productivity, a need to climb higher in your life, to lead others to success, to be a boss, or even and especially a need to run your own business rather than work for a boss. Also, if another planet is conjunct that is, touching your Moon, then that will alter it.

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Unknown on July 10, at pm said:. Grace on January 10, at pm said:. Alayna on January 24, at pm said:. Their need for contact with their fellow human being is like their need of air to breathe. Invariably they are the spontaneous jack of all trades, people who always put their noses to the wind and who can't stand living in the same place more than a couple of years.

Monotony horrors for them, they like change, are enterprising and motivate their fellow human beings.

Their vividness makes them easily appear superficial, unsteady and easygoing. They are in danger of dispersing themselves. Emotions are not very profound and are dominated by their reasoning. They can handle sorrow, worries and anxieties more easily than others. Cancer - Moon type The receptive Cancer - moons are sensible, friendly and caring human beings.

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For them emotional security is more important than material safety. Not only as children, but also as adults have they an ample fantasy. Persons who have a cancer - moon or know others who possess one will realize that cancer - moons are even more sensible than other persons born in the sign of the zodiac cancer.

They try to hide their inner selves under a hard skin, appearing cool and unfriendly towards others. They are receptive to emotions and external influences so that their moods change rapidly. Domestic cosines and a comfortable home promote their well being substantially. Cancer - moons mother their family and friends with great care.

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Often they select a profession, where they can benefit of those qualities. Leo - Moon type The proud Leo - moons are charming, merry people; they are always happy and often dispose of managerial qualities. The radiate power and natural warmth, they are generous and cordial. In turn they like to be recognized and admired.

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Therefore they know very well how to put themselves in scene. They don't appreciate criticism, since it would hurt their pride - which sometimes comes close to arrogance. Above all female Leo - moons dispose of sleeping creative capabilities, which they should put into practice in the arts. Leo - moons can be very dominant, even dictatorial, but they possess a good, great and above all, a loving heart: loving and being loved is their motto.

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Once they have made friends with somebody, they become very faithful friends and partners. But, even though they enjoy flirting themselves, they don't accept it in their partners. Virgo - Moon type The reasoning Virgin - moons are efficient, practical people. Not only in their household but also in their emotional word everything is put in order.

All is planed in fine detail; they feel uneasy if they have to leave anything to chance. They are always helpful, even unselfish when they can help others. They are excellent in counseling and comforting and enjoy the feeling of being needed by somebody. They don't like showing their own feelings even though it would be good for them. They enjoy working "behind the scenes". Virgin - moons types perceive details and are fond of them. They can work on them with great care and perseverance.

In the negative case their perfectionism obstructs their ambitions; a nagging character trait becomes visible. Frequently they are good cooks, who not only take into account the taste but also a healthy life style. Libra - Moon type The obliging Libra - moons are polite, diplomatic, kind and compliant.

They are able to understand and enter others sentiments. Often they agree with others, allowing them to agree and decide on their behalf. You'll discover what the placement of planets like Mercury and Mars means for you and understand how the connections they make with each other influence your personality. Each planet has a specific energy that governs various areas of your life. For example, if you have questions about your love life, the placement of Venus in your zodiac chart could hold the key. You know your horoscope sign — that's your sun sign, which is what most horoscopes are based on.