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This means that major changes could be expected. But along with changes, come newer challenges as well. Challenges could either be in terms of finances or on the work front.

Keep calm and try not stressing over things unnecessarily. A peaceful mind shall help you fight through this stage.

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But for that, you need to accept your limitations and then strive to better yourself. According to the Leo Horoscope analysis, the year seems to be good for you, and there is nothing major that you need to worry about at all. As per the analysis of your Leo Astrology , from March 5 onwards, you might face some issues regarding the property you hold. Ignore any and every property deals that come your way during this phase. From mid-April onwards, everything starts to settle down. Also, in this phase, you shall be able to close all the remaining real estate deals and solve the issues about it.

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But do not indulge in any sort of give and take in terms of property between September 10 and November Also, avoid rushing into making decisions about buying and selling the property. Give it proper time and a proper thought before making any hasty decisions.

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  7. Post-June 29, as Mars enters into its own sign Aries, and moves through the ninth house, good luck seems to chance upon you. As things pick up the pace, you are in for something interesting. You might find that ever-longing meaningful relationship developing in this year.

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    In this particular sign, Venus is directly connected to relationships by being the ruler of the eleventh house, as per the astrological findings in your Aquarius Love Horoscope Initially, in this year, bachelors or spinsters might not see a considerable change in their lives. The Pisces Love Horoscope predicts that the eleventh house of this sign is directly connected to relationships and their importance.

    And two major planets are stationed in this house. Ergo, something new is definitely on the way and someone is to enter your life. Know the percentages of different aspects of your physical and mental state.

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    Home Horoscope Love Relationship Horoscope Love And Relationship Horoscope Love And Relationship Horoscope Overall rating: 0 out of 5 based on 0 reviews. Life Meter Know the percentages of different aspects of your physical and mental state. Compatibility Check out how well will your wavelengths with others match. Write Your Question Career :. Are you curious to know what the stars indicate about the bond between you and your close ones? Get all the answers here. Horoscope is known as Kundali in Vedic Astrology.

    A Kundali is the cornerstone of Vedic astrology, which is based on the ancient scripture called the "Brihat Parashara Horasastra" written by Sage Parashara several thousand years ago. Parashara is considered to be the Father of Astrology.

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    It represents the position of planets at a specific time as seen from a specific place. In other words, it is the pictorial representation of planets at the time of birth. The horoscope or Kundli is the basis of astrology and astrological predictions. Kundli works on mathematical principles, and that is why it generally gets quite accurate predictions.

    Kindli is also employed for matching the compatibility of prospective marriage partners. It is also widely used for calculating the auspicious time-frames for holding an auspicious activity, starting a new business, or, for that matter, starting anything new.

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